Wednesday, November 10, 2010

@maddow's THE interview: a north carolina abortion provider talks about life w/a price on his head

on monday night, msnbc's the rachel maddow show got to interview the latest abortion provider who has become a target of the infamous "wanted" posters. the posters that the anti-choice movement claims is not their doing and/or should be protected as free speech.
it's a pretty chilling view into the courage it takes to do this job. a life SAVING job. a LEGAL job.
it's scary how the anti-choice movement pushes all this hate/fear-mongering, then when some nut-job murders an abortion provider, they just claim "it wasn't us! we didn't mean for nut-job X to KILL abortion provider Y"
it takes an amazing amount of hubris for these people to just claim there's no blood on their hands in these cold-blooded murderers.

if you can, please donate to your local or national planned parenthood. they need all the help they can get.

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