Friday, July 2, 2010

sunday funday slip n' slide @ the brown's lake house! or how i got over my lake turkey fear, june 20th 2010

though a bit more subdued than last year's debaucherous rave, sunday funday slip n' slide was still an awesome time. thanks to @missdrebrown, her sweet familia & @natetron5000 for taking care of all our drunk pale asses & providing us w/some great memories.
also, pavos de lago x vida!!! we'll get 'em next time friends.


  1. I've NEVER been on a slip n' slide before in my life. I'm creeped out by walking on wet grass. Looks fun though!

  2. @Priscilla: you should consider investing in some of those water/beach socks shoes. totally worth lookin' like a dork to slip n' slide on one of these things.