Monday, May 3, 2010

hey guess WHAT?! this guy went to coachella oh ten or: how i learned to stop worrying & love the TOTEM

for coachella oh nine, i met some rearry cool cats @ the lake cahuilla primitive campgrounds. the group, TOTEM, is composed of some of the rowdiest mo' fo's i've met in some time. now, for those who know me, you 2 know that i know some rowdy ass motherfuckers! to say the least, this is saying A LOT!
for coachella oh ten! i made sure to repeat the oh nine performance & caught up w/the TOTEM crew. this year the group was nearly 2x the size of last's. it was a raucous/jolly time for sure.
i am now a proud member of the TOTEM crew! thanks kendall/scotty!!!
okay, now the tunage!
@baroness @ mojave tent: never heard of 'em, but thoroughly enjoyed 'em. must find some of their tunes! [bonus: my homie @unweddave of games & theory fame says he played w/'em boys a few years back. good to know that some lesser known bands are still given a chance @coachella]
@perry farrell vs @steve porter @ sahara tent: meh.
@sleigh bells!!! @ gobi tent: aaaaahhhhhmazin'!!! [missed their multiple? sets during @sxsw oh ten, but this totally made up for it] they remind me of a fuzzier/poppier the kills. pretty awesome tunage!
proxy @ sahara tent: pretty good stuff, but couldn't stick around longer 'cause i wanted to see the next band...
@yeasayer @ mojave tent: pretty effin' sweet, but you already knew that! [bonus: saw how short beyoncé is. jigga's body guard was some huge biker lookin' white dude]
@street sweeper social club @ main stage: it's like RATM w/a real rapper. yeah! i said it!
@ra ra riot @ mojave tent: good. good. [bonus: ran into simon, one of my road trip buds, who had just gotten into the sold-out fest via a crazy adventure involving some shitty rich pricks who tried to sell 'im a fake wristband]
@dillinger escape plan @ gobi tent: fuckin' insanely brooooootal! their newest album i wasn't really into, but this live set was so fucking intense.
the specials @ main stage: pretty awesome that these old dudes are still rockin... err, ska'n it.
gil scott-heron @ gobi tent: top 3 sets of the fest. this gentleman was pure awesomeness! can't believe we still got 'im around to enjoy.
[side note: at this point my shitty htc hero battery punked out & i no longer tweet'd or took fotos]
somehow managed to catch up w/my 512 buds: joe ramos, @andrea brown, @nasty nate chalmers, joah spearman & ashley stepan.
@pretty lights @ sahara tent: meh. didn't get to hang out long enough to form an opinion.
@la roux @ gobi tent [aka: the smallest stage!]: totally fuckin' PACKED! couldn't even hear anything! jeesh!
@lcd soundsystem @ main stage: there is just no other way to put this: i fucking <3 <3 <3 <3 me some james murphy & the lcd gang! though a short set, still managed to gimme tingles in my jorts.
@benny benassi @ sahara tent: pretty bumpin'. fun, but i was gettin' pretty tired.
@public image limited @ outdoor theatre: mr. john lydon DID.NOT.DISAPPOINT!!! i'm pretty new to the ol' school post-punk bandwagon, but even the songs i wasn't familiar with kept me jumpin' for joy [after nearly 12 hours on my footsies, a 5 mile bike ride to the fest grounds & expectin' another back to camp].
that's it! friday got off to a rollickin' good start. exhausted, i managed to ride my fixie [atxhipstersrepresentin'!!!] via some pretty dark roads back to lake cahuilla campground. drank a couple of beers w/some of the TOTEM crew, then it was lights out for this sucka'.

SATURDAY: comin' soon!

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  1. Dame son!
    We saw practically the same exact shows.
    I did run into you frequently, but we were on the same wavelength Fried-day.