Sunday, April 4, 2010

sxswhatttt?!?!?! or sxsfree!!!, march 20th 2010

check out some of the freeness we got into saturday.
even though the weather was bitter fucking cold, we kept warm @ the mess with texas party with holy fuck & fucked up. my besties from unwed fathers warmed us up @ thunderbird east, thanks to giant steps productions for setting up a great line-up.
the vice saves texas party was totally worth the 1+ hour wait outside of the starr building. this was a great venue! the starr building is being renovated, some rooms were blocked off, the stage was set up in the main foyer, beams & wiring exposed made for a great atmosphere for les savy fav, cheeseburger, davila 666, happy birthday & dj mr. jonathan toubin.

also check out some fotos from my mobile device:

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