Tuesday, December 15, 2009

games & theory: "acrylic vs. glass" @ emo's austin, september 22nd, 2004

'cause you ain't too cool for gettin' school'd:

brought to you by the revolution will be commodified:
"Games and Theory fuses variations of punk, metal, hardcore, grind, rock, and more, then quickly spews it back out at the listener. Some of the bands Games and Theory has played with include: Daughters, Fear Before the March of Flames, Transistor Transistor, An Albatross, Hot Cross, Circle Takes the Square, Mare, Lickgoldensky, Horse The Band, At All Cost, Cardinale, The Last Starfighter, Portugal The Man, Morello, Exit the King, Cardinale, Sea of Thousand, Warwolf, Bitter Tongues, Oceanus, Ten 33, In Praise of Folly, Paulson, Folly, Idle Kids, Heldunderwater, Like Dogs, Pretty Pretty, Ghostland Observatory, and more. good times......"

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