Thursday, August 6, 2009

jelly NYC ft. mission of burma & fucked up @ east river state park, july 12th 2009

one of the highlights of my trip to the nyc was gettin' to see mission of burma [whom i had missed @ last year's pitchfork music fest] & fucked up on the waterfront in brooklyn.
thanks to jelly NYC for hookin' up the FREE summer pool parties! if you're in the area sometime this month, check out the line up. there are 4 more shows left this summer. totally kick ass way to spend a sunday afternoon in the big city!
i got to hang out w/my new friend christine <3 & caught up w/an old acquaintance from my days @ the university of texas. it never seizes to amaze me how we're are all connected somehow.
enough blathering! check out the fotitos:

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