Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the rachel maddow show w/ @chrislhayes are thankful

i usually catch my hippie/liberal/socialist/commie propaganda the next day, online. so, sorry if you've already seen this. rachel is out on vacation, but chris hayes does a great job fillin' in for her.
i really liked this section about things to be thankful for. things we usually take for granted and are vilified by the right wing.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

peligrosa all stars + dave nada @ club deville, november 19th 2010

we sure know how to throw a party down hurrrrr!
finally got cold in austin, in time for @dave nada to heat tings up w/the peligrosa crew @ club deville.
before dave got to bust out some tracks, some dummy @ the red river flats across the street called 5-0 to send our dancin' asses inside the club.
despite this interruption in moombahton services, the party picked up right where pagame/hobo d/dj orión/sonora/manolo black left off.
dave sure got everyone sweatin' & dancin'. breakin' doors & windows. glad the narcs didn't show up for that!
before the fotos, check out this rad video flier that orión put together:

Peligrosa @ Deville. w. Dave Nada. November 19th from Orion Garcia on Vimeo.

here comes the lipstick!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

@maddow's THE interview: a north carolina abortion provider talks about life w/a price on his head

on monday night, msnbc's the rachel maddow show got to interview the latest abortion provider who has become a target of the infamous "wanted" posters. the posters that the anti-choice movement claims is not their doing and/or should be protected as free speech.
it's a pretty chilling view into the courage it takes to do this job. a life SAVING job. a LEGAL job.
it's scary how the anti-choice movement pushes all this hate/fear-mongering, then when some nut-job murders an abortion provider, they just claim "it wasn't us! we didn't mean for nut-job X to KILL abortion provider Y"
it takes an amazing amount of hubris for these people to just claim there's no blood on their hands in these cold-blooded murderers.

if you can, please donate to your local or national planned parenthood. they need all the help they can get.

Friday, November 5, 2010

rightwing humour from the belly of the beast or how i learned to love family regardless of political orientation

i find this humorous.
not the "joke" itself, obviously, but just the fact that "they" think it's humorous.
everyone has this.
everyone has a side of their family that they don't agree with politically.
i'm sure they also think my hippie/liberal/fag-lovin'/socialist/heathen "jokes" are dumb.
the thing about it is that when we all get together during the holidays, we can put all that aside & sit down for a nice dinner & cold adult bevvies, have conversations about what's going on in our lives, how the "kids" are doing & all that.
the fact that i find their points of views moronic, doesn't keep me from loving these people.

i got this email from my cousin with the following text:

"A good laugh… I apologize if you get offended… sometimes the truth hurts! ;)
There's an old saying that seems to apply: Creative minds are rarely tidy. I've used that often to explain my desk/workspace.
A picture is worth a thousand words...........
A person's mind and his desk..........."

just to recap:
creative minds = messy desks
"geniuses" = messy desks = creative
obama [doing an address to the nation, btw] = "numb nuts"
barrels filled w/laughter.
numb nuts who "wrote" this joke = messy desk = creative? = genius? [THAT should've been the punchline!]

no wonder the 1/2 hour news hour didn't make it!

200 million dollars a day! or how the right wing doesn't give a fuck about facts...

...& cares very little about their audience & their audience just laps it up.
but that's the right & it's the way they do shit & that's not the reason i'm writing abou† this.
i want to show how succinctly and fairly cnn's anderson cooper just busts this incredibly stupid rumor right outta the water.
check it out:

this is the type of red meat conservatives love and it's a precursor to my next post.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

super tuesday election time mega alright post! or how to find your precinct

hey y'all!
this is my last get-out-the-vote/elections post.
if you need to find your precinct go to this link & put in your name or voter registration number. it'll tell you where you last registered.
remember today you have to vote at the precinct where you're registered, find your precinct below:

night fever vol. vi: chico mann + peligrosa @ the scoot inn, october 30th 2010

a great night to kick it w/tons of great people in awesome costumes & amazing musicians/dj's.
not a good night for me & my camera though. had some issues w/the flash, so lots of shots are outta focus [surprisingly annoying to manual focus while drinkin' & partyin' heavily].
i will make it up to all my holmes @ peligrosa's friday night fun fun fun fest after party @ the nd & soul of the boot/strangetribe's next night fever @ republic live w/king britt.
chico mann was nothin' short of awesome!
dj orión + pagame + manolo black + hobo d + sonora + vj silencio brought only the good shit as they always do!
thanks to everyone for makin' this a super fun night.